The 'tincan trail' a new challenge!

                         The 'tincan trail'    

An adventure for all ages to enjoy! Follow the trail, find the clues, answer the questions and enter the Grand Draw to have the opportunity of winning some incredible prizes!

                   What's it all about then?

We have created a treasure hunt to raise awareness of and gain feedback on our new app! We have created a treasure hunt based around every day items, products and pictures.


The app, tincanFX, brings images to life by linking them to videos. The objective is to locate at least 5 images and using the 'tincanFX' app, with internet connection, view them on a smart phone or ipad/tablet and answer the question asked.


Once you have answered 5 questions, simply fill in your details and the answers on the entry form page, submit the form and you are automatically entered in the grand draw with the opportunity of winning a £50 voucher for 'Game'.


View the videos below to see exactly how the 'tincanFX' app works.

                           Let's get started!

The first thing you need to do is download the 'tincanFX' app to your smart phone or tablet. This can be done for free at either the AppStore or Google play.

Now you just need to locate the clues. Some are available on this site and others can be found at all the premises listed on the 'Clues' page! Additional venues will be added throughout the summer!

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